Friday, March 25, 2011

Two Days Makes a Difference


Two Days Makes a Difference

by SolonDeer, 03/20/11 1:02 AM
In the Solon Times - Despite 'sticker shock' aerial deer count planned 03/16/2011

Councilman William I. Russo said the aerial count "is something that's needed just to make sure the deer count has grown. "If there is no increase in deer count, then there is no justification for doing anything," he said 

Yet on 03/18 Russo along with the rest of council voted to proceed with the deer management plan without this count! What a difference two days makes!

Apparently the week started with Russo sure the aerial study would pass, who would even know about the secret last minute meeting early Friday morning.

Well the Patch was on it and blew the whistle: which drew lots of comments and an update immediately after the meeting. Hmmm...

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